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How To Skull Mount Deer

Learning how to skull mount deer and other wild game is a valuable experience for any hunter. A skull mount is a form of taxidermy and is also known as a Euro mount, European mount, western skull mounts, or western mount.

Author The Homesteading Huntress


  • 1/4 cup OxyClean bleach alternative
  • 750 mL hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 large pot (water bath canner, stock pot, etc.)
  • toothbrush or small brush
  • plastic wrap
  • paper towels
  • tape


  1. Put OxyClean bleach alternative to large pot, add skull, and fill with water to barely cover the top of the skull. If the skull has antlers, do not submerge antlers in water. Ventilate your space with a fan or open window and bring water to a rolling boil. Boil on high for 45 minutes. 

  2. Carefully remove skull and rinse with water. Scrub skull with toothbrush to remove any remaining dirt, debris, or brain. Allow skull to air dry undisturbed until dry to the touch. 

  3. If skull has antlers, cover antler bases with saran wrap and tape to prevent discoloration. 

  4. Wrap skull with paper towels and soak with hydrogen peroxide. Cover wet paper towels fully with saran wrap and tape closed, if necessary. 

  5. Every 2-4 days, unwrap skull to see if the bone has lightened to your preference. If it is not dark enough, soak paper towels with hydrogen peroxide and wrap again. Repeat as necessary. 

  6. When the skull is light enough, rinse skull with water and allow to air dry.