The Essential Guide to Freediving For Crab On The Sunshine Coast [Link]

I’m thrilled that I was able to publish “The Essential Guide To Freediving For Crab On The Sunshine Coast” with Sunshine Coast Tourism BC!

It’s amazing to see public interest in wild food, foraging, and hunting growing by leaps and bounds over the last few years. I feel really lucky to be able to contribute a tiny bit to the urban homesteading and hunting communities in the West Coast, Canada, and the Pacific Northwest in my own little way.

Here’s an excerpt from the Sunshine Coast crab foraging article:

Considering the richness of marine life and relative safety of our waters, it’s no surprise that the Sunshine Coast is a leading diving destination for people in the know. It’s even said that the famous underwater explorer, Jacques Cousteau, called British Columbia’s coastal waters the best place for cold-water diving in the world.

But there’s no reason to limit yourself to just exploring when you could be getting a meal out of your dive. The beauty, freedom, and uniqueness of freediving for crab on the Sunshine Coast makes it a singular tourist experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else. There’s absolutely nothing like harvesting your own dinner from nature for free.

The Essential Guide To Freediving For Crab On The Sunshine Coast covers:

  • West Coast marine life that you may see freediving in the area
  • Water temperature in the Sunshine Coast
  • Tide tables specifically for the Sunshine Coast, BC region
  • Freediving wetsuits suitable for the location
  • The tasty guide to harvest crabs by freediving in BC
  • BC fishing regulations for crabs
  • Local crab shops on the Sunshine Coast (just in case)

Check out the freediving for crabs article on the Sunshine Coast Tourism website here!

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Arielle is a passionate urban homesteader and hunter located in Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

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