edible yellow chanterelles I found growing together throughout roots in BC - homesteading huntress

Summer Chanterelle Foraging Adventure, Blog Updates & Personal News

Read about my latest summertime chanterelle adventure and what I did with the harvest, plus blog updates and personal news.

fermenting homemade korean kimchi aging time

Fermenting Cabbage Kimchi Guide: Recipe, Tips, FAQ & Using Wild Oysters

Learn how to ferment cabbage kimchi with confidence with this guide, including tips, formula for salt-to-ingredient ratio, FAQs and recipe recommendation.

Porcini mushrooms (and a few other boletes) harvested in British Columbia - Homesteading Huntress

BC Mushroom Foraging Regulations (Updated 2020)

This guide covers British Columbia mushroom foraging regulations and was last updated in 2020. 

spiced apple butter preserves

Spiced Apple Butter Preserves (Canning)

I look forward to buying Okanagan apples as part of my annual fall tradition and spending a chilly fall day processing apples until I’ve made enough jars of spiced apple butter preserves to get me through a year’s worth of dinner parties, brunches, and gifts.

Kimchi Omelette With Cheddar, Leeks and Gochugaru

Combined with melty and crispy cheese, aromatic leeks, and a browned crust, this kimchi omelette is a crave-worthy option that is just as good for a luxurious weekend brunch as it is for an exhausted weeknight.

blacktail buck bc skull mount

How To Skull Mount Deer (Euro Mount)

Learning how to skull mount deer and other wild game skulls is a rewarding skill for any hunter at the end of their hunting season. Skull mounts, also known as euro mounts, western skull mounts, western mounts, or European mounts, are a traditional way to preserve wild game skulls and antlers, horns, and other head-attached attributes.

Wild oyster bed with oysters and oyster shells on ground in BC

Oysters Harvesting Guide For BC: Regulations, Limits, Licenses 2020

This BC Oyster Foraging Guide: Regulations, Limits, Licenses has been updated to meet 2020 government regulations. I wrote this guide to make it easier for new foragers to learn about and harvest oysters in BC safely and legally.

2 litre mason jars filled with decaf kombucha, labelled and dated on green masking tape. Mason jars covered with coffee filters.

How to Flavor Homemade Kombucha

Learning to flavor kombucha is simple when you understand it’s just a secondary fermentation. Plus, lemon ginger kombucha recipe & popular flavors.

how to cure green olives

My Experience Curing Green Olives (Hank Shaw Recipe)

This post was originally published on October 3, 2017 and was updated on January 2, 2021.  Learning how to cure green olives naturally was one of my first solo urban homesteading attempts. It was such

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How to Shuck Wild Oysters (Illustrated Guide)

This article covers how to shuck wild oysters with this illustrated guide. Wild oysters from BC and the Pacific Northwest can be harder to open and handle compared to farmed oysters. Special thanks to W. for modelling.

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