The Homesteading Huntress Interview x Chasing Food Club [Link]

[Link to The Homesteading Huntress interview x Chasing Food Club]

I’m super excited to share the in-depth interview that I did with Chasing Food Club with you. It was such a great opportunity to open up about my personal experiences as an urban female hunter and wild food enthusiast.

I haven’t talked a lot about how I got started as a new hunter, freediver, forager, or Asian wild food cook on my own website, other than a little introduction in my About page.

However, speaking with Jenny made me appreciate that my story could be valuable to other people who want to be involved in the wild food community, but don’t know where to start. I loved getting to know Jenny and hearing her story and goals for Chasing Food Club. Please check her website out and support her on social media, as she’s doing great work.

I hope to share more of myself and my personal experiences on The Homesteading Huntress may be helpful to people in the future.

Keep reading for an excerpt from my interview and a link to the full article.

The Homesteading Huntress x Chasing Food Club Interview

My Chinese Canadian family is not outdoorsy. Growing up, I didn’t camp and I didn’t hike. I spent most of my childhood reading. Actually, I was almost always indoors, up to my mid-20’s. I’m really clumsy, too. I walk into doors a lot and I get called “Butterfingers” pretty frequently. I’m not naturally athletic, and I never have been.Arielle Quan, The Homesteading Huntress

homesteading huntress x chasing food club collab

Check out the full Chasing Food Club article, as well as other helpful hunting and gathering resources and stories on Jenny’s website!

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