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spiced apple butter preserves

Spiced Apple Butter Preserves (Canning)

I look forward to buying Okanagan apples as part of my annual fall tradition and spending a chilly fall day processing apples until I’ve made enough jars of spiced apple butter preserves to get me through a year’s worth of dinner parties, brunches, and gifts.

chinese salted duck yolks preserved

Chinese Salted Duck Yolks (Preserved Duck Eggs) 咸鸭蛋

Making Chinese salted duck yolks at home is a simple food preservation that’s fun to do. Preserved duck eggs are incredibly rich with remarkable savouriness. Salted duck eggs are delicious in many dishes, such as:

chinese venison jerky how to cut venison jerky

How to Make Venison Jerky & Chinese-Inspired Jerky Recipe

Making venison jerky, and other types of game meat jerky like elk, is a great way to use every part of the animal you harvest. Jerky is a wholesome, minimally processed, high protein snack that you can make yourself. It travels well and can be preserved for long periods of time, ensuring that no meat goes to waste. Larger cuts of game meat that are typically tougher make excellent whole single-strip jerky.

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Canning Quince Paste (Dulce de Membrillo)

Quick Navigation What is a quince? Quince paste and water canning recipe Where to find quinces in Vancouver, BC Step-by-step processing and canning quince paste Cultural context of Spanish quince paste (dulce de membrillo) Canning

fig jam from frozen

How to Make Fig Jam From Frozen Figs (No Pectin)

Quick Navigation Fig jam recipe from frozen figs (no pectin) My experience canning fig jam (step-by-step instructions) If you’re curious about whether you can make anything from all your frozen figs, don’t worry. You can