Steamed wild game moose Chinese BBQ pork steamed buns (char siu bao)

Making Chinese BBQ ‘Pork’ Steamed Buns With Wild Game (Moose Char Siu Bao)

Chinese BBQ pork buns (char siu bao) are part of my Cantonese heritage. Making authentic-tasting char siu bao out of moose or wild game is a rewarding and delicious learning experience.

Candied acorns on roasted sweet potato with molasses, yogurt and seeds

Foraging Acorns in BC & Candied Wild Acorn Recipe

Urban foraging for acorns was one of my first forays into wild plant foods. Read about urban foraging, processing, how to candy acorns and best ways to eat acorns.

Wild rose hips in BC ready to be foraged and processed for rose hip tea

Foraging For Rose Hips in BC & How to Make Rose Hip Tea

Foraging for rose hips, processing and making rose hip tea is easy when you live in BC. Rose hips grow wild and in cities, with no poisonous lookalikes.

Cantonese ginger scallion crab on white plate on wood background

Cantonese Ginger Scallion Crab & A Little Chinese Canadian History

This Cantnese ginger scallion crab recipe is inspired by the crab I’d eat at Chinese association banquets with my grandmother every year.

Foraged wild oysters, scallop, sea asparagus and seaweed found in BC, arranged on picnic table.

How to Check for Red Tide, Shellfish & Bivalve Closures in BC (2020)

Learning how to check for red tide and shellfish closures in BC is an essential part of harvesting shellfish safely. Every harvester must check for red tide and shellfish closures before they eat bivalve molluscs like oysters, clams, mussels, and scallops that they find in BC.

Yellow chanterelle mushroom harvest foraged in British Columbia - Homesteading Huntress

Guide to Start Wild Edible Mushroom Foraging in BC

This wild edible mushroom guide will help you start mushroom hunting. Learn how to find a mushroom spot, how to start foraging, popular edible mushroom identification guide, more mycology resources, how to cook wild mushrooms and essential health and safety tips.

wild beach peas in hand

Wild Beach Pea Foraging Guide

Wild food enthusiasts often disagree about whether these edible delicacies are actually edible at all. Bringing up beach peas can turn any mild mannered foraging conversation into a passionate debate.

4 shrimp russulas, 1 shrimp russula held in my hand

Identifying and Eating The Shrimp Russula Mushroom (Russula xerampelina)

A little about the Shrimp Russula, a common edible wild mushroom in BC & PNW. Identifying, foraging and eating this mushroom, plus mycology resources.

photo of a harvested mule deer buck

My Hunting Anxiety, and A Successful Deer Harvest

This is a personal essay about my struggles with anxiety, specifically in relation to hunting, and the mule deer buck I harvested this October in 2020.

6 jars of fermented cucumber pickles made at home

How to Ferment Cucumber Pickles, FAQs and Tips

Learn to ferment cucumber pickles at home, the best salt brine % and how to DIY fermentation tools yourself. Plus cucumber pickling fermentation FAQs and tips.

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